Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thinking with Pictures

The first half of 2011 - Heavily invested in Cyphers 2.0  - Producing/Editing/Sound Design
Now---looking for funding for Season 2.

Day Retreat to Abiquiu Lake, New Mexico to do some landscape paintings just to get the colors moving.

Not really all that interested in painting landscapes but got some good photos on the way back.

Changed Direction
Revisiting some 8" x 10" encaustic paintings from a year ago.


  1. David, these are really fantastic paintings. I really love how it feels as if you've just gone at them and left in your wake a rich variety of surfaces, fragmented images and a lovely balance between something nostalgic and something fresh/new. If you haven't seen William Stein's paintings I suggest you have a little peek... I think you'll love them.

    Great Work, kind Regards,

    Seamus Green

  2. Thank you for your kind words Seamus. I had a brief visit to your blog the other day (I plan to return and spend more time there) and was totally thrilled with what I was seeing. As you suggested I took a peek at Stein's work. I like it as well.

  3. Cheers for dropping by David, I appreciate that. It's great to find your work, I look forward to seeing more.