Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cat Yak and Transcendental Painters

a digital drawing i made with the Harmonious App.
1. Cat throws up on my face at 4:30 am.  No longer interested in sleep.
2. Get up and read about the drawings of Joseph Beuys and his vision of the artist participating in a "social sculpture."
3. Is the internet a "social sculpture?" Would Joseph Beuys be into it?
4. Having never heard of the  Transcendental Painting Group until I moved to New Mexico I continue thinking about their relevance (accidental or on purpose) to my work as painter and jeweler.
5. I still can't decide if I like the work of the Transcendental Group but their are really great moments there.
6. Made 6 digital drawings with the Harmonious App.

7. Went to a recording studio to watch Gerald Fried conduct his score for the film ,  WHAT? 
Gerald Fried taking a break from conducting WHAT at Stepbridge Studios 7/12/11

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