Thursday, July 21, 2011

n hunch [hantʃ] idea or belief based on one's feelings or suspicions rather than on clear evidence.

  As a new fan of the odd ball "hunch abstractions" of Frederick Hammersley I borrowed his term to help me think about  this series. It is not an "official" name for the series.  These are just first indications of shapes animated in the square. I am spending more time than I usually do with these as drawings before I bring paint to them. 

  The different colors (red pencil and graphite) are just notes to myself to think about those parts differently when I move to paint. They may mean nothing to me later on but for the moment I have an idea about those areas that I want to explore.

  The question has also been asked if I feel my paintings are influenced by my 20+ years of making jewelry.   I think there is influence.  The primary reason I am painting small is a conscious choice to work on the table within the same real estate that I have been making jewelry.  It also feels right  flat on the table and not on the wall.  Color has always been a big part of what I do but the many years of shifting palettes in polymer clay have helped inform my current color choices. I think I have a much more mature sense of color now. The shapes and forms in my paintings are very much like the vocabulary I worked with many years ago when the work was much larger.   I can also see that the assembly/composition is similar to the way a brooch or necklace parts may interact.  I am also considering the singularity of an image an the page/panel. While the painting is itself an object I am very interested in placing objects onto a field.  I think there is a direct link to the way I have been placing jewelry objects on the table.

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