Friday, September 16, 2011

Paper on Board

sanding/ outside my studio

sanding/ inside my studiio

paper mounted on board

My favorite surface to work on is paper mounted to board.  It gives me the surface of paper which responds well to multiple layers of painting and sanding when mounted to the hard surface of a board.  This current group of paintings are geometric hard edge shapes derived from my 777 shape system.  I have expanded the grid up to one inch squares and transposed the images to the board.  They start with up to 4 shapes superimposed on top of each other and I have set out to only work within the given shapes and lines.  The choices are about color, surface and line qualities.  These are painted with an acrylic-distemper recipe using PVA glue as a binder and gouache,acrylic and dry pigments.  Because of the very fast drying of the distemper paint I am able to sand a layer directly after painting it.  

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