Thursday, December 29, 2011

Book Ends (and Beginnings.)

Two paintings representing moments on each end of 20 years.

  I found this worth looking at.  The painting on the left is from a series I did in the early 90's (roughly 92?).  It hangs at the end of my hall and I see it every day.  The painting on the right is one of a series I am currently working on.  I remember thinking the one on the left as unfinished but at a reasonable place to stop.  The new painting is still in process and likely will not end up looking like this.

  In the past I rarely could stand to have a straight line in anything.  Most of the shape vocabulary was curvy and "lobe-like."  At the time of this older painting I was also working a series of graphite and chalk drawings (snap shots below) that where very black and built out of repeated looping figure eights with many lobes and loops. Some of that process is how this painting started.  I also remember not wanting to commit to anything solid in a painting. This often meant I was also reluctant to define edges.  I liked the shifting vail of sanded surface and disappearing shapes.

me and my grandmother (mom's mom) looking
at 2 drawings.  dad in background

dad's stepmother in front of one of my graphite and
wax paintings and 2 drawings.

  Currently I am building on straight lines and hard edge shapes.  I have set up paramitters for myself in an attempt to build on lines and straight edges.  At times masking the painted edges with tape and other times carefully painting to a straight edge drawn with pencil and ruler or just painting as straight as my hand will let me.  I find the edges remain organic and as alive as the curved forms who also have edges to deal with. Edges are now compelling subject matter to me.

 In some ways these are also the same painting seperated by 20 years.

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