Sunday, January 15, 2012

On The Edge

Edges carve out the objects and spaces. We see an endless variety of edges in our daily lives without really giving it much thought.  In my process of color-shape painting my attention is often moving to the place where two or more meet.  These edges can act almost like an exoskeleton of the shape.  Edges provide visual information about a shape like  strength, transparency, weight, movement, light, distance,  etc.  Defining an edge by line or by color are also choices that can effect the structure of a composition.  A harder edge tends to hold/anchor a section where a loosely painted edge or close color transition allows a more transient moment.  These things become more important to me as I consider color and brush marks.  The speed of the brush relates to the edges.  I could tape off an edge and paint fast with a larger brush or carefully paint to a line with a slow stroke of a smaller brush.  I find I am more drawn to painting that considers edges.

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  1. David, thank you again for your kind words. As ever your paintings look great and think reading what you have said here has brought to my attention my interest in edges. I'm fascinated by the rules, boundaries and contrasts that can be addressed and broken through edges. Thank you again, all the best