Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Etching an Edge

I printed an edition of 10 of this first state of an aquatint etching for the image, "Totem"  This version has a velvety black aquatint in the shape and lighter/foggy aquatint surrounding the shape.  A very thin  line was etched around the shape and burnished on the interior side of the thin line.

"Totem" ,  8.5 x 11"  1st state/edition of 10

Moving onto a 2nd state of this print I did a very light spit bite to the surrounding background but not the triangle within the shape.  I tooled the edges back down to a darker tone and re-etched a thicker line around the perimeter of the shape.

For the first step in darkening the interior of the line (burnished area) I went around with a single line roulette tool.  This got me part way there but was showing too much of the tool mark.
single line roulette tool
after using roulette tool

 I went back into the edges with a diamond tipped pen.  I used a more chaotic poke and scratch to the marks to get more of a fuzzy tone and hide the tool markings from the roulette.
diamond tip pen
fuzzy edges after tooling with the diamond tipped pen

I put down a hard ground and re-etched slightly thicker lines around the shape.
re-establishing a thicker etched line through hard ground

darker edges with fuzzy interior "glow"

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