Friday, May 23, 2014

Soft Geometry

Landscape, figure and color have always been a good place to come back to when I have cornered myself into over thinking the image.  I am treating landscape and figure as separate experiences and noticing the obvious places where they merge.  This helps to focus my attention on the directness of observation and expressing marks on a surface.  The hard edge geometric work hangs on the walls in the studio waiting for a new hand in it.   Maybe I am finding a soft geometry in the landscape and figure.

studio on Thursday 5/22/14

While taking drives out to photograph and draw the surrounding landscape I have been focusing on one element I like the most.  I like the band/stripe across the middle of the page where a mountain range sits.   The top and bottom drop away to the blank page.

Graphite drawing   11 x 14"
photo from one of my drives
In our drawing group we are taking a few weeks to work longer poses.  In a recent pose the model reclines on a couch like a mountain range.  This is just as much landscape as it is figure.  After hanging this drawing on the wall next to the colorful geometric paintings I saw a way to try and express this drawing as pure color.

Oil on paper    8.5 x 11"

For now,  I generalize and abbreviate.  State the obvious.  Render color and tone into soft geometry.

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